Reflection: Co-Teaching Nuclear Chemistry Project: Starting the Research Process - Section 1: Introduction


I could never have achieved the quality in this lesson without collaboration. I collaborated with my Expeditionary Learning lead teacher, Ms. Slabich, on developing the Notecatcher. We met a few times and discussed our own research process, and then I revised the Notecatcher to reflect this process—evaluate an article, record information from the article if the article is useful, and record questions that arise from the article.

The other fruitful collaboration was between me and my school librarian, Ms. Pfeifer. She and I met to discuss the learning objectives that she and I each have and figured out how to embed information literacy into students’ exploration about various aspects of nuclear technology. We met after this class to assess how students were doing, and using the ticket to leave that she developed we strategized about how to assist students who were struggling to identify sources that they needed.

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Nuclear Chemistry Project: Starting the Research Process

Unit 9: Nuclear Chemistry
Lesson 2 of 13

Objective: Students will will be able to use a database of articles to conduct research about a specific aspect of nuclear power plants.

Big Idea: Scientists often use databases to gather and assess information.

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