Reflection: Modeling Step 2: Student Created Assessment Presentation and QR Codes - Section 2: What Makes a Great Assessment Presentation?


The teaching challenge of getting students to develop connected and rich content in presentations is in the forefront of this assignment. Their biggest challenge will be to connect their data into their content and then bridge to examples they have seen in the real world. Since it is winter, our outdoor experience here has been non existent. So, in order to help them with thinking through what they need to demonstrate is one thing, but trying to do it well with imagery and wording at the same time is really new. 

Therefore, I revisited my self created presentation to talk about what is good about it. This personalizes it by connecting me as an author to them. It helps them realize that I went through the same processes of thinking that they are experiencing and makes it real for them!

  Personalization Through Teacher Created Documents
  Modeling: Personalization Through Teacher Created Documents
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Step 2: Student Created Assessment Presentation and QR Codes

Unit 4: Weathering
Lesson 15 of 15

Objective: Students develop their performance assessment integrating technology.

Big Idea: In this second part of their assessment development, students create their final performance assessment by creating a presentation and display it using a QR code.

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Science, weathering, Interactive Presentations, QR Coding, Interactive Presentations, QR Coding, glaciers, engineering, soil
  85 minutes
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