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This unit has been very carefully planned with the end in mind. As I note in the introduction, the ultimate goal of the unit is for each student to create a piece of art that captures one particular aspect of nuclear power.

In order to accomplish this final assessment, students will have to come to an understanding about what happens at the level of the nucleus, as well as how these nanoscale phenomena influence events at the macroscale. They will have to have conducted enough research to reach an informed position about some aspect of the nuclear power industry. They will have to understand how art can be used to communicate complex ideas.

None of this can happen by chance. I have to carefully plan this learning experience by giving students the chemistry teaching they will need, but also time, support, and lessons that enable students to conduct research. I will need to give them time with a visiting artist who will help them to understand how to communicate through art. I will need to work with my English teacher and my librarian so that all of our learning objectives can be met and so our work can complement each other. Finally, I need to make all of this transparent to students so they understand how each of the parts of their work serve a larger picture. 

  Backwards Planning
  Backwards Planning: Backwards Planning
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Nuclear Weapons

Unit 9: Nuclear Chemistry
Lesson 1 of 13

Objective: Students will be able to ask questions about nuclear weapons.

Big Idea: Nuclear weapons are a fascinating way to hook students on the concept of nuclear technology.

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