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I absolutely love when I can find ways to bring all my teaching together.  Not only does it make it so much better for my planning as a teacher, it makes it stronger and richer for my students.  It really demonstrates how learning is connected and that the real world is not separate, but all inclusive.  I am always explaining to my students that to be a good scientist, you must have strong reader, writer and mathematician.  Sometimes, I am not always how sure they believe what I am telling them.

However, when the opportunity to show this arises, I can really make it happen and show them why it is so important to be skilled in other areas of their lives.  

There is one other reason why I find it so powerful to weave curriculum's together in this way, and it relates directly to the Common Core.  All teachers across the country have been inundated with the standards and the amazing amount of them.  The rigor is high and the expectations are steep.  This is not a bad thing in any way, but it sure does make for a pretty big mountain to climb and make it work for our kiddos.  When you can integrate and blend your activities, you cannot help but blend and integrate your standards as well.  Which I believe is really more true to the real world we live in than the separate, random ways we sometimes teach.  

When I am able to integrate in this way, I feel as though I am doing the best possible teaching I can do and offering my students the best opportunities to make the most connections in their learning.  

  Writing Across the Curriculum
  Writing Across the Disciplines: Writing Across the Curriculum
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This Bear is Different...Exploring the Polar Bear

Unit 5: Unit 5 - The Science of the Polar Regions
Lesson 1 of 8

Objective: SWBAT gather new information about polar bears and share this information with others.

Big Idea: Communicating effectively as a scientist requires skill in many areas. This lesson pulls many of those areas together into one package.

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