Reflection: Developing a Conceptual Understanding Why can’t we be friends?-Community Interactions - Section 4: Independent Practice


The use of metaphors and analogies helps students establish a better conceptual understanding of scientific terms and concepts.  In this assignment, students are asked to identify “What is it like?” for a particular term or concept. 

By giving them creative license to answer this question from their perspective gives me great information that I can use to help me assess how well they comprehend the information.  I am always amazed at the depth of thinking that students show in their responses to this question. While there is no one correct response for this question, there should be evidence of a connection between the metaphor and the scientific term or concept. 

When I give this assignment, I challenge students that I, or any reader should be able to identify the relevance of the association of the term and “what is it like?” if the student truly possesses conceptual understanding of the content.  I find that students like this activity and they like to share their metaphors with the class.

  Using metaphors and analogies to support scientific concepts
  Developing a Conceptual Understanding: Using metaphors and analogies to support scientific concepts
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Why can’t we be friends?-Community Interactions

Unit 1: Unit 1- Organization and Relationships
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Objective: Objective: Students will know that there are many types of ecological relationships between organisms within and across populations in an ecosystem.

Big Idea: It’s not likely that Simba and Timon were ever friends.

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Science, predator, parasite, competition (Ecology), Commensalism, relationship, symbiosis, ecology, coevolution
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