Reflection: Flexibility Building Bio Bottles - Section 1: Introduction


I actually tried to do this lesson in one day.  I brought them up to our science lab, built bottles, returned to the classroom, and had them complete the planning form.  It did not go well at all.  As a whole, my class was able to generate variables, but were unable to generate outcomes and did not understand what an experimental question was.  After banging my head against a wall, I realized that whether they forgot, never really learned it, or my planning sheet could have been better, it didn't really matter.  The important idea is that my students needed to learn to plan investigations correctly.  The lesson as it appears here is how I should have taught it, planning on the first day, and giving me time to assess their plans before they implemented them.

  Too Much, Too Soon
  Flexibility: Too Much, Too Soon
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Building Bio Bottles

Unit 3: Plant Structures
Lesson 11 of 12

Objective: SWBAT conduct a scientific investigation by following their experimental plan.

Big Idea: Students build a self contained ecosystem to create controlled conditions for their experiments.

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