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Having four or five students work on one drawing can lead to conflict. In order to ensure student success with the task, I work with students on strategies for collaboration before allowing them to begin their lab work. As a group, we brainstorm ideas for dividing the task into smaller chunks so that each group member can take ownership of the task. One way to accomplish this is to have each student be in charge of a different colored marker. Using this strategy, each student has a turn to add to the bird's eye view drawing and to contribute to the final product. Another strategy is to assign student jobs. For this lab, I assign a materials master to gather and return the stream table, a set-up person to lay out and secure the plastic sheeting, an awesome artist to draw the bird's eye view drawing, and a presenter to share the drawing with the class. In any case, I feel that it is important to provide each student with a task that contributes to the group's overall success so that they can take ownership of the task and work as a collaborative team member.

  Encouraging Collaboration
  Shared Expectations: Encouraging Collaboration
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Bird's Eye View

Unit 4: Land and Water
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Objective: SWBAT create a bird's eye view diagram of their stream system. SWBAT identify landforms in their stream model.

Big Idea: Bird's eye view drawings show the landforms in a stream system.

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bird s eye view
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