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The review of landforms at the end of this lesson makes a strong connection to some social studies standards. In the state of WA this lesson connects to 4.3.1 Understands the physical characteristics, cultural characteristics, and location of places, regions, and spatial patterns on the Earth's surface. I follow this lesson up with companion lessons in social studies class that focus on landforms. I know that many of my students are unfamiliar with geographic landforms, especially those that lie outside of their own community. We create landform maps that give names to the features they see in their own models. This aids students in critically analyzing similarities and differences in their stream table model and those of their peers. 

  Social Studies Connections
  Complex Tasks: Social Studies Connections
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Erosion and Deposition

Unit 4: Land and Water
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Objective: SWBAT identify places where soil is eroded and deposited within their stream table model.

Big Idea: Soil that is eroded gets deposited in another location within a stream system. Erosion and deposition affect stream flow.

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