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Since this is the first lab where my students use graduated cylinders, I provide extra support for the students in this lesson. I present the graduated cylinder as a science and mathematical tool. I describe how the cylinder can be used to hold materials and to measure capacity in the metric system. I review the relationship between milliliters and liters with the students because the are often unfamiliar with the measure of mL, but can connect to the measure of liters because of beverages they drink at home. We discuss how we can use the cylinders in today's lab to measure soil components and liquid water. 

  Using Graduated Cylinders
  Modeling: Using Graduated Cylinders
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Pore Space

Unit 4: Land and Water
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Objective: SWBAT identify how pore space in soil components affects water retention in soil.

Big Idea: Each soil component holds different amounts of water.

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pore space
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