Reflection: Perseverance Severe Weather- Lightning and Thunder-Not So Frightening Lightning - Section 3: Small Group Instruction


I wanted to design a lesson that provided the students a variety of experiences, both curricular and Science practices.  By that, I mean I wanted them to learn both the concept and the practices that went around it.  For this lesson, it was important to highlight the idea that experiments don’t always work out the first time you do them.  Also, results don’t have to be ‘big’ to be successful.   For that matter, 'unsuccessful' can actually be very successful.  It's how you use the experience- the perseverance- that can lead you in the right direction.  I always enjoy using not-so-simple experiments like this to illustrate that concepts.  For one thing, experiments like this are a very engaging modality.  Students will go home and share – over and over- activities like this they did in school.  Second, it gives a very visceral, beyond ‘hands on’ way to really connect the curriculum with something they see and use every day.  Any time we can do something like that, it’s a great lesson.  At an age where ‘First’, ‘Biggest’, and ‘Best’ can be a way of life, I enjoy the opportunity to introduce ways to learn humility and perseverance, both important skills in a Scientist’s life.

  A Lesson in Perseverance
  Perseverance: A Lesson in Perseverance
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Severe Weather- Lightning and Thunder-Not So Frightening Lightning

Unit 7: Severe Weather-Wonderful Wizard
Lesson 1 of 7

Objective: Students will conduct an experiment to create an electrical charge.

Big Idea: Where does lightning come from?

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