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In exploring the soil, the students had an opportunity to observe what was inside the soil. The topsoil came from one of my student's grandfather's garden and the clay soil came from Yard Work, a business that sells soil. In exploring the topsoil, the students observe dead worms and plants within the soil. The donated soil gave them a clear understand what could be found in soil.

Teacher's note: If you do this lesson, it would be a great idea to get donated soil from a garden or a business that sells soil.

  All About Soil
  Cycles of Inquiry: All About Soil
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Let's Soil It

Unit 6: Earth's Resources
Lesson 5 of 12

Objective: SWBAT describe what soil is made of.

Big Idea: Describe what things make up soil.

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Science, soil (Geology), mineral, Earth Science, Science Process Skills, conservation, resources, soil, rocks, Dinosaurs, compost pile, compost
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