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Quadratic Functions are the last topic in the Scope and Sequence for my Algebra One class. Consequently, the number of instructional days in this unit always takes the biggest hit - as time lost during the year from inclement weather and school events leave us with no more time to be stolen from elsewhere. Quadratics are integral in the study of Algebra, unfortunately my students are usually only able to skim the surface of this very rich and deep topic. 

This lesson will be the last one that introduces new content; Students will begin preparing for their final exam during our next class. Luckily, many of my Algebra I students will take Algebra II with me in a subsequent school year, so this topic will be revisited and taught in depth during the first marking period of Algebra II.

  Making Headway against the Tide of Time
  Adjustments to Practice: Making Headway against the Tide of Time
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Quadratic Function Applications

Unit 9: Quadratics
Lesson 5 of 5

Objective: SWBAT solve real world scenarios using quadratic functions.

Big Idea: Students will interpret the components of a quadratic function to solve for missing values.

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