Reflection: Diverse Entry Points Exploring Quadratic Functions - Section 2: Partner Activity: Investigating Quadratic Functions


I will administer this activity in two different formats, depending on the composition of the class:

  • In general, my students should be okay receiving the entire investigation at once. Each pair will work independently through each section in a quiet area of the classroom (or in the hallway). These groups are usually able to stay on task for extended periods of time, and can grapple with challenging material without compromising their own thinking and learning process. With this model, my role as the Teacher will be to probe students with clarifying questions, and to help them develop their own understanding of concepts organically. I will ask students to justify and elaborate on their responses, and to provide counterexamples when possible.
  • For some classes, however, the length of the activity may overwhelm students. When I have this concern I re-format the Investigation so that there is only one section visible to students at a time. Students will start with page one, and will receive new sections after a brief check-in with me. This approach gives me the flexibility to withhold specific sections, and to cater the activity to individual student pairs. The activity will still be student-centered, but adapted to provide more Teacher support. I will help students facilitate mathematical conversations, and will insert 2-3 whole group check-ins throughout the course of the period to review prior sections. These check-in's will help students build their confidence, as this small reinforcement becomes a motivator to persevere through the entire investigation.  

  Two Possible Approaches to this Investigation
  Diverse Entry Points: Two Possible Approaches to this Investigation
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Exploring Quadratic Functions

Unit 9: Quadratics
Lesson 1 of 5

Objective: SWBAT explore the characteristics of a quadratic function.

Big Idea: Students will discover the unique characteristics of a parabola through a guided investigation.

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