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As is typical of mid-year exams, the results were scattered. Many students scored, out of 50 points, in the high 40s. Some barely scored more than 20 points. The average score, however, was a 42/50 which, given the intensity of the week for students, the scope of the content on the test, and the fact that this was truly their first Physics test of the year, was a cause for celebration.

Here's a look at a couple of questions about forces, work, and area, a topic we spent a good deal of time on in the first semester:

Here's a look at two responses to the calorimetry question, one of the topics from the very beginning of the year:


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  Unit Exams: Reviewing Exam Results
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Midterm Exam

Unit 3: Electricity and Energy Transfer
Lesson 13 of 13

Objective: Students will demonstrate their level of understanding of a wide variety of problem introduced in the first half of this year.

Big Idea: We pause to measure our understanding of thermodynamics, electrostatics, and electric energy.

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