Reflection: Checks for Understanding The Power of Triangles - Section 4: Wrap-Up


For a quick check of their understanding, I had the children draw a diagram and then write their observations.  I was looking for the children to write that adding the longer piece made the shape more stable.  It was interesting to see how different children worded the answer in different ways.  I was pleased that every child was able to write an idea that showed that they understood the concept.  I also expected them to draw and label a simple diagram.

Click for sample 1sample 2sample 3 and sample 4.  (Keep in mind that they have not been corrected yet for spelling and grammar).   

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The Power of Triangles

Unit 5: Building Towers and the Engineering Design Process
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Objective: The SWBAT identify that the triangle is a strong and powerful shape used in building.

Big Idea: Who is the strongest of them all? The students will investigate both the square and the triangle to discover the answer to the question.

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power of triangle
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