Reflection: Connection to Prior Knowledge Lights, Camera and Action Mechanisms of Neurotransmitters - Section 2: Engage


    In this section, specifically after students and I inferred how the oscilloscope works via analyzing the oscilloscope diagram, I encouraged students to consider when the Venus Fly trap depolarized (& the corresponding chemical activity), and repolarized according to the times of indicative/correlating behaviors specified in the clip (eg. the 20 second timer to close and tap the organism= depolarization period). We then discussed where the electrode might be placed on the plant and predicted how different the action potential depicted on the monitor of the diagram would look if the electrode where attached the stimulated cells of the plant. This made for meaningful feedback and assessment of students' understanding of prior material as well as how well they were able to apply this prior knowledge to a new scenario. 

  Challenge Students to Predict!
  Connection to Prior Knowledge: Challenge Students to Predict!
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Lights, Camera and Action Mechanisms of Neurotransmitters

Unit 6: Neurotransmitter Chemistry and Mechanism of Action!
Lesson 2 of 10

Objective: Students will interpret neurotransmitter data to deduce how one neuron influences the action of another.

Big Idea: Neurotransmitters have the potential to exude inhibitory or excitatory actions on neurons which control the traffic of signals in the brain's roadways.

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