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For one of the questions on today's in-class worksheet, students were asked to recall what they already know about matrices. Here is a list that we generated as a class. My students' prior knowledge mainly focused on operations with matrices.

There were two interesting things that came up from this list - that you can perform any operation with corresponding entries of two matrices and that you can divide two matrices. These will definitely be addressed as we progress through the unit.

One student also wrote that matrices have "a bunch of numbers." This seemed trivial to most of the class but to me it was the most important part of matrices! If we only had one entry, there would be no need to use a matrix. The essential quality is that it is a powerful tool where a computer or calculator can perform tons of operations with one matrix equation.

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The Purrrrrfect Cat Toy Company

Unit 8: Matrices and Systems
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Objective: SWBAT interpret, add, and subtract matrices.

Big Idea: Matrices are perfect for large data sets - monthly sales for cat toys are analyzed and matrix operations are introduced.

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