Reflection: Perseverance Extending Farmer Frank's Field with the Distributive Property - Section 2: Warmup


I expect some push back from my students with questions like Extending Farmer Frank because they are often used to answering less open ended questions in math class. When I encounter resistance, I redirect them into the problem. I encourage them to try something and see if they notice or learn something from it. In taking this approach I am helping them learn how to persevere and make sense of what the problem is asking (MP1). 

My students need to learn that getting stuck is a normal part of solving a problem. At the same time, I don't want frustration to get them down. By encouraging them to try "something" I am hope that they will identify an entry point.

At the same time, with problems like this, I am relying on Math Family Groups to support students. Student often learn more about the meaning of a problem from their peers. I also think listening to and trying out a new approach shared by another is a very important STEM habit of mind, as well as a CCSS Mathematical Practice (MP3). 

  Perseverance: Challenging Problems and Learning to Overcome Obstacles
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Extending Farmer Frank's Field with the Distributive Property

Unit 3: Equivalent Expressions
Lesson 5 of 23

Objective: SWBAT create an area model and a variable expression to represent the Distributive Property.

Big Idea: Students will distinguish between parameters (variables) and constants in area models and variable expressions.

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Math, Expressions (Algebra), distributive property
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