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I use this book as a paired text to teach many of CCSS reading standards.  A true paired text lesson utilizes two books to incorporate the fiction and non-fiction teaching.  This book actually builds both the fiction and non-fiction into the story line in one book.  The upper part of the pages are written in a fiction format, patterned similarly to a "Goldilocks and the Three Bears," format.  While the bottom half of the pages is written with the non-fiction text.  

  Using a Mentor Text to Lead the Lesson
  Connection to Prior Knowledge: Using a Mentor Text to Lead the Lesson
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This Bear is Different...Exploring the Polar Bear

Unit 5: Unit 5 - The Science of the Polar Regions
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Objective: SWBAT gather new information about polar bears and share this information with others.

Big Idea: Communicating effectively as a scientist requires skill in many areas. This lesson pulls many of those areas together into one package.

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