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The children in the class enter each task with varying levels of background knowledge and exposure.  I knew that many children might have some trouble conceptually understanding the idea that things can be built from smaller pieces and then disassembled into something new.  So be having the children go through this simple hands-on demonstration, really helped to get that idea across.  It took a minimal time to prepare, costs nothing and was very effective.  The only change I would make for next time would be to put another handful of shapes into the bag.

  Simple, But Effective
  Diverse Entry Points: Simple, But Effective
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Thousands of Tiny Pieces Can Create Something BIG!

Unit 5: Building Towers and the Engineering Design Process
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Objective: SWBAT state that a larger item can be built from small pieces. It can then be disassembled and made into something new.

Big Idea: Simon Rodia built the Watts Towers by gathering fragments of "junk" he found in the neighborhood. He put all of these small pieces together to build a spectacular tower. Something BIG can be created from lots of smaller pieces.

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Science, Building Structures, Properties of Matter, second grade, structure and function
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watts towers
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