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One of the things I didn't plan for was that the amount of water we added on the first day would turn the soil/sand mixture into runny mud! It was a huge mess - the kids didn't notice, but they really couldn't build the model like they were supposed to. However, on the second day when I came in I couldn't believe it - all of the water had evaporated and they had perfect little models!!!! So, we talked about what made the change and that the water had partly evaporated (part of it was still inside the mixture). Then, I went out on a limb and had them repeat the activity. This time, the mixture was just right for them to use almost like clay! Then we could compare and talk about the changes in Earth materials. It turned out alright, after all!

  Lesson Planning: Changing the Game Plan
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STEM Lab: Building Models - Evaluating and Communicating

Unit 7: Rocks & Minerals
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Objective: SWBAT evaluate how well their termite mounds or mud dauber nests hold up over night, try an alternative design, and communicate their results.

Big Idea: Now we have models...did they crumble? Did they fall? How can we do this differently?

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Science, volcanoes, mineral, First Grade, 1.E.2.1 Summarize the physical properties of Earth materials, including rocks, minerals, soils, and water that make them useful in different ways. , fossils, rocks
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