Reflection: Data Analysis Multi-Step Expressions and the Real World - Section 5: Closing and Exit Ticket


I use these exit tickets, along with informal data I gather during the lesson, to make a decision about my pacing.  

If the exit tickets data shows that students are successfully working with more difficult expressions, we'll move on to evaluating expressions. 

If the exit ticket data shows that students have had mixed success with working with more difficult expressions, I'll continue on with my plan and teach evaluating expressions.  I'll also plan to correct the specific misconceptions revealed by the exit ticket data. 

If the exit ticket data suggests that students need more practice with translating more difficult expressions, I will continue this lesson the next day to give students more practice.  I'd rather spend more time here, than press on to evaluating expressions.  

  Responding to Data
  Data Analysis: Responding to Data
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Multi-Step Expressions and the Real World

Unit 7: Expressions
Lesson 6 of 12

Objective: SWBAT write expressions that represent real-world problems

Big Idea: Expressions can be used to represent a mathematical or real-world problem in an abstract way using numbers and symbols to make meaning of and understand problems.

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