Reflection: Connection to Prior Knowledge Algebraic Expressions and the Real-World - Section 2: Intro to New Material


I take many opportunities to reinforce what students have learned about verbal expressions in this unit.  For example in the first example of this section, I'll ask students how else we can say that Ralph has 10 more.  I want students to experiment with using multiple ways to express the same operation. Building their own vocabulary will help students to make sense of problems as they're presented with more complex structures.  

Asking quick 'how else can we say this?' questions is fast and easy.  In addition to building students' fluency with academic vocabulary, these questions also help to alert me to any areas where we might need more practice.  For example, if students see the expression 6-y, and say 'the difference of y and 6,' then I know the class may need more support with expressing subtraction (and, generally, subtraction is the most difficult operation for students to express with multiple verbal representations). 

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  Connection to Prior Knowledge: Adding in Quick Review
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Algebraic Expressions and the Real-World

Unit 7: Expressions
Lesson 5 of 12

Objective: SWBAT write simple algebraic expressions that represent real-world problems

Big Idea: Expressions can be used to represent a mathematical or real-world problem in an abstract way using numbers and symbols to make meaning of and understand problems.

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