Reflection: Joy Monster Factory - Section 4: Create a Monster Activity


This activity might seem very simple. However, it moves the students up the Bloom's Taxonomy ladder from remembering  and understanding  how traits are passed on, through application as they identify the which traits to draw and finally creation of their own monsters. This is what first inspired me to use the lesson.

What I never imagined was how much these teenagers would get into the activity. Students were eager to share their monsters with each other, and were making sure the traits shown were what was actually indicated by the genotypes they had written down. I overheard conversations that included sentences like "Wait, there should not be horns in your phenotype. See, your genotype says no horns." Even after the second period had passed, I had students asking to take their drawings home so that they could continue working. Isn't this what we hope all our lessons are like?

  Drawing as a Tool for Learning
  Joy: Drawing as a Tool for Learning
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Monster Factory

Unit 6: Genetics
Lesson 6 of 14

Objective: Students will simulate the inheritance of alleles for physical traits and use those traits to create monster offspring.

Big Idea: Traits are inherited.

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