Reflection: Intervention and Extension A Collision Lab - Section 1: Context & Equipment Needs


It is easy to incorporate technology into this lab, although I chose not to do that this time even though my school has the equipment available. My students seem to be too reliant on technology and are actually more productive when they are forced to measure, time and calculate by hand. Also, the materials used in this lab have already been purchased for previous labs in the class such as the angled launch lab and collisions activity.

In the event that more reliable data was needed, photogates could be used to better measure the velocity of the toy car and foam dart. Vernier also has a completely separate momentum and collision lab that can be completed with motion detectors. This is another great lab, but it requires much more equipment. 

  Incorporating Vernier Equipment....Or Not?
  Intervention and Extension: Incorporating Vernier Equipment....Or Not?
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A Collision Lab

Unit 5: Linear Momentum
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Objective: Students will be able to estimate the speed of an object by applying momentum conservation to collisions.

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