Reflection: Standards Alignment Wave Properties - Section 1: Make a List!


I knew I wanted to begin the discussion of wave properties today, an explicit NGSS performance expectation (HS-PS4-1). In addition, I didn't want to lose the momentum we had gathered from our previous lesson about radiation, nor lose track of the question about concern over personal exposure to radiation. This is an explicit NGSS performance expectation as well (HS-PS4-4).

One struggle that all teachers face is how to meet all the standards. It can feel daunting to march through them all. I felt like I had to choose between the two standards mentioned above. But I resisted the urge to separate them in time. Instead of simply abandoning the radiation idea, to be picked up at a future date, I decided to start the day with the "Make a List" activity. Though it was only a ten-minute exercise, I hoped that it would be rich enough to sustain the idea and keep it current for us. An advantage of an 80-minute block is that multiple threads can be supported in any single class period. 

Furthermore, as an improvisation, I added in the pair-share and large group discussion of the list-making exercise. I did so because I noted that, while creating their lists, some students struggled to get a rich list going. I thought they could benefit from talking to others after having some time on their own. Though it added a few minutes to the opener, the lists that were generated were terrific and all students' lists were enhanced.

  Keeping a Thread Going
  Standards Alignment: Keeping a Thread Going
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Wave Properties

Unit 4: Electromagnetics
Lesson 2 of 17

Objective: Students will be able to manipulate information to write wave equations, sketch waves, and describe key wave characteristics.

Big Idea: Waves can be described verbally, graphically, and algebraically.

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Science, electromagnetic field, Physical Science, Waves, electromagnetic radiation
  95 minutes
waves on an oscillascope
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