Reflection: Planning Bio Bottles - Section 1: Introduction


I started asking for parent help over 2 months prior to the lesson.  I asked first just my students to save bottles, then the staff, and then announcements for the whole school to save two liter bottles.  I also asked parents for potting soil and aquarium gravel through my weekly bulletin, but most of this came from a Donor's Choose application I submitted.  You could also keep costs down by using dirt from your school playground or garden if you have one, and growing plants from cuttings rather than seeds.

I was able to find a parent to start the cuts of the bottles and put holes in the lids, and several more to set up materials the day of.  I'm very fortunate to have help available, but it took calling and asking, as well as something more interesting than making copies.

  Planning for Materials
  Planning for Materials
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Planning Bio Bottles

Unit 3: Plant Structures
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Objective: SWBAT plan a scientific investigation using a self-contained ecosystem.

Big Idea: Students will survey available materials and develop a scientifically testable question using the form "How does (the variable) affect (the outcome)?"

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