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Students enjoy having choices about their products, and choice often raises engagement by appealing to different learning styles.  Here are some great additional choices for a final product:

  • Song
  • Comic Strip
  • Poster with illustrations and text
  • Wixie/Pixie software (a creativity software with drawing, pictures, and recording)
  • Recording a video

This year, my students have inconsistent access to technology options.  For this reason, I have them completing final drafts of paper posters.  Then, when the personal devices are available, they can make a video or digital poster too.  Plus, with snow days and late openings, I had to simplify!  I am adding the comic strips to our writing center as an option, but I just did not have enough time to introduce them properly as a project option.  One of the keys to teaching is flexibility and adapting, right!?!

  Additional Options for Products
  Unit Planning: Additional Options for Products
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Presenting the Patterns: Collaborating and Creating

Unit 3: Space: Patterns in the Sky
Lesson 15 of 16

Objective: SWBAT describe a pattern in the sky.

Big Idea: Ready for launch! Students are ready to complete final drafts of informational posters.

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