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Why I Have Students Diagram Three Times 

You may have noticed that I have the students diagram and label the parts of a plant three different times throughout this lesson.  I have them create a diagram in their science notebook along with me as I teach each part.  I have them create a 3D model with their elbow partner during the explore.  Then, I have them fill in the labels and description of what each plant part does on the exit ticket.  The reasoning behind this is for gradual release of the lesson content.  I begin by doing it with them as I teach.  Then I have them practice without my assistance, but they do have the assistance of another student.  Finally, they are applying what they have learned independently.  

By working through the lesson in this way, I am reaching the audio learners during my instruction.  I am reaching the visual learners through the illustrations we are creating.  I am also reaching the hands on learners by having them create a 3D model with a partner.  By having them do it twice before assessing them, I am setting them up for success. 

  Modeling in three different ways
  Gradual Release: Modeling in three different ways
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Parts of a Plant

Unit 3: Transfer of Energy and Matter Through Organisms in an Ecosystem
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Objective: SWBAT identify the parts of a plant and describe the role each part plays in survival.

Big Idea: Students will create a model of a plant that includes labels for the parts and a description of the role of each part.

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