Reflection: Student Ownership Mendel Figures Out Dominance - Section 2: Figuring Out Dominance


One of the things I like about using interactives with my students is that it gets them to think for themselves. As I walked around the classroom I witnessed different conversations, and invited the students to share "their" way with the rest of the class.

This gave the students the opportunity to become the teacher, taking ownership of the vocabulary and the activity, and strengthening the sense of community within our walls. All the words and concepts are new, and you can see the students self-correct as they speak. However, you can also see the boost in confidence their faces. We are all learning together, and I am not the only one with the answers.

  My way is not the only way
  Student Ownership: My Way Is Not The Only Way
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Mendel Figures Out Dominance

Unit 6: Genetics
Lesson 5 of 14

Objective: Students will follow in Mendel's footsteps and be able to determine dominance of different traits using a virtual lab.

Big Idea: A simple test can be used to explain big ideas.

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