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This closing activity is a little different from some of my other Number Talks as from earlier lessons (Let's talk addition, What were they thinking, delightful decimals). I want as many good math ideas to come from my students as possible during this discussion. At the same time I don't expect the learning objectives to come up in a neat orderly fashion.

This number system unit weaves together loosely and certain number properties come up more authentically in certain lessons. I also want my students to see the interconnectedness of math strands. In previous lessons (Let's break it down) I would have expected students to come up with some multiplication strategies (properties), which I made note of at the time and told students we would come back and take another look at them. The commutative and associative properties of multiplication would most likely have come up during our work with the distributive property and the identity of multiplication most likely came up in this lesson.

  Why close with this approach?
  Coherence: Why close with this approach?
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The Power of Exponents

Unit 1: Order of operations & Number properties
Lesson 3 of 9

Objective: SWBAT create an expression with the greatest possible number using exponents.

Big Idea: Students will learn how changes to an expression create predictable changes in the solution.

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Math, exponents / powers, Expressions (Algebra), order of operations (exponents), Mental Math
  54 minutes
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