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Today, one of my students was finding 10% by dividing the given quantity by 10. He was right, but, I was afraid he might be using the wrong 10. So, I asked him where he got the 10 and he said from the numerator in 10% (10/100). To clarify, I asked if he would divide by 30 if he had to find 30%. He confirmed that this is what he would do (see )

The interaction above told me that this student didn't understand that the denominator is a divisor that identifies the unit (i.e., how many pieces the whole is divided into). In response I did a brief sidebar with the student's group using fraction circles to relate the denominator to the division. I also made reference to box diagrams that were used earlier in the year. 


  Discourse and Questioning: Asking Followup Questions
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Building Block Percents

Unit 8: Exploring Rational Numbers
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Objective: Students will be able to calculate any whole number percent of a number mentally.

Big Idea: From 10% students can build 30%, 120%, 5%, etc.

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Math, Number Sense and Operations, percent of a number, Mental Math, rational numbers
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