Reflection: Introducing Reading Circles Part 1 - Section 1: Warm Up


I'm not crazy enough to believe that I can read 100+ journals word for word, but my students do not know that. I never tell them that I do not read every word. That would undermine my goal of getting them to write and makes their words seem less important than they are.  I check journals regularly for completion generally by walking around the room with my roster while students are writing.  Then, I collect and read "certain" entries.  Students never know which ones or when I will check journals.

Beyond that what I would point out again (I mentioned it in the warm up) is that you must hold students accountable or they will not write and the journal will fall away and be a distant memory.  Have a plan and be purposeful. If it's important to you, it makes a difference to them.

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Introducing Reading Circles Part 1

Unit 2: Literary Reading - "Sooner or later, everything old is new again." Part 1
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Objective: SWBAT prepare textual evidence with a reading circle sheet and text coding for a group meeting.

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