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Students with special needs might find this open exploring task difficult. To help them, I ask them to work with a partner or put them into a small group that has an adult to help. With a partner they are able to work along side, ask questions, but not have to navigate and struggle to find information on pages that might be above their reading level. I would also have these students draw their examples instead of write them into their journal. Drawing can often not feel as cumbersome and students will then add notes around their drawings. 

  Energy Examples
  Students with Disabilities: Energy Examples
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Radiation Energy

Unit 3: Magnets, Energy and Assessment
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Objective: SWBAT virtually conduct an experiment to explain radiation energy's ability to pop a kernel of popcorn.

Big Idea: Radiation energy is used in so many things, but is hard for students to see. In this lesson we use a virtual experiment on an iPad to play with heat, lens, and distance to pop corn.

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Science, Energy (Physical Science), Magnetism, Energy, radiation, Energy, Magnets
  35 minutes
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