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I find that lab rotations are extremely successful for middle school students.  I have tried many different ways of providing students with access to the directions.  I have put the directions right on the lab sheet; however, the print can "blend in" with the lab questions or the text just isn't big enough for all students to read carefully.  And, this just makes the document so long that I feel like I am making too many extra pages of copies.  I have taped the directions on the lab counter; however, the "mess" of the labs can get the directions wet or unreadable.  

One day, I was walking by a clothing store that was going out of business.  They had their sale signs and clothing label holders empty, and I thought, "Those would make great procedure holders for lab stations."  I walked in and asked if they had any I could use, and they gave me some!  Since, I have even asked stores that are in business that have been willing to provide me with them.  

These makes the procedures waterproof, upright for easy reading.  It's the best solution I have found!  Here is a picture of those Repurposed Store Sign Holders.

  Organizational Systems: Procedure Holders: Posting Procedures at Lab Stations
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Peppery Properties of Matter Labs

Unit 4: Physical Properties: Molecular Arrangement and Phase Changes
Lesson 6 of 12

Objective: Students will be able to identify the chemical and physical properties of substances.

Big Idea: Students go through a series of fun lab rotations that allow students to look at the chemical and physical properties of substances!

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