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In this section of the lesson, students have the option of reviewing video of other groups conducting their experiments.  This requires allowing students to use their phones in class.  I understand that, in many cases, phones can be a major distraction in class (I've already lost count of how many phones I've had to confiscate and hold until the end of class because students were using them to play video games*).  However, I strongly believe their utility as data collection and research tools far outweighs any potential for misuse if properly monitored.

In the case of this lesson, students reviewed video data recorded by other groups, which amounted to a kind of "primary source" document.  It really offered a great opportunity for students to see the difference between what actually happened, and what was written about it.  Hopefully, by reviewing the omissions or distortions that other groups made, students can better develop their capacity for more detailed analysis and explanation of their own data in the future.  


*Clash of Clans seems to be a popular choice this year... I challenge someone in the community to find a way to integrate it into a lesson!

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  Adjustments to Practice: Put that phone away!?
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Peer Review: Critically Evaluating Conclusions & Looking for Experimental Error

Unit 1: The Nature of Science
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Objective: Student groups will be able to identify instances of experimental error to determine if initial group conclusions are valid.

Big Idea: Scientific experiments (and the conclusions drawn from them) need to be evaluated by a group of peers.

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Science, experimental design, peer review, experimental error
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