Reflection: Advanced Students The Skeleton Part 1 - Section 3: Independent Work


What I loved about this project was that I was able to see that my advanced students really took this to a higher level.  I saw them wanting to make even tinier pieces so that they could include the different parts of the fingers and toes.

They really were able to take their time on this project and really show what they were learning about all of the different bones in the body.

Some of the more advanced students even counted how many rib bones that "Jack" had and made sure that they're own skeleton matched.

  Q-tip project
  Advanced Students: Q-tip project
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The Skeleton Part 1

Unit 2: My Body
Lesson 5 of 8

Objective: Students will learn the parts and function of the skeleton by learning the names of the bones and creating a model of the skeleton.

Big Idea: Students learn that the skeleton is an essential part of the human body and that it holds us up and protects major organs.

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