Reflection: Qualitative Evaluations Writing a Newspaper Article About Watts Towers - Section 3: Writing the Article


I love rubrics for scoring children's work.  It makes sense to use them since they are much more objective than just me reading the paper and assigning a grade.  I feel I can back up any grade I have given since I can just look back at the rubric for a quick reference.

Since we have been working on writing informational articles in language arts and now in science, and I needed an assessment for this task.  So I created a newspaper writing rubric.  In my school district we work off of a 3 point scale.  However, I included a 4 point scale, if you would like that option to work with.  Here is a sample of how it is filled out.

Grading on this rubric does take a little bit extra time, since I usually end up reading the child's article several times to determine a score in each of the fields.  But I feel this extra effort is well worth the time invested.  I love how the assessment breaks down each of the sub-standards.  This really helps so I know which students have mastered the skill and which students still need work and in what areas.  It helps me to create smaller homogeneous groups of kids who struggle in specific areas of language arts.

Here are some samples of work:

meets--score of 3

meets but a few run-on sentences--score of 3

working towards standards basic --score of 2

does not meet--score of 1

does not meet-score of 1

  Qualitative Evaluations: Rubric for an Assessment
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Writing a Newspaper Article About Watts Towers

Unit 5: Building Towers and the Engineering Design Process
Lesson 2 of 16

Objective: SWBAT write a newspaper article about Rodia, a self-made engineer, who built the Watts Towers.

Big Idea: People such as scientists and engineers share their ideas through media, and so can we!

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Science, second grade
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