Reflection: Real World Applications Writing a Newspaper Article About Watts Towers - Section 3: Writing the Article


The kiddos in my classroom were totally engaged in any task that we have done involving Simon Rodia.  The children loved learning about a real person in the real world doing something spectacular.  Simon Rodia was just an ordinary man who created something extraordinary.  The kids were so inspired by this man and were engaged throughout this whole lesson.  Even my most challenging students were very attentive for this lesson.  I feel when you have the students engaged in something that they are interested in, they can achieve much, much more than ever expected.  It's almost like they are saying to me, "bring it on, we're ready for anything you give us!"  One student even wrote that Simon Rodia was his role model because he changed the world.  How sweet is that!  Comments like that let me know that students are totally engaged and learning!

  Bring It On! We Are Engaged!
  Real World Applications: Bring It On! We Are Engaged!
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Writing a Newspaper Article About Watts Towers

Unit 5: Building Towers and the Engineering Design Process
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Objective: SWBAT write a newspaper article about Rodia, a self-made engineer, who built the Watts Towers.

Big Idea: People such as scientists and engineers share their ideas through media, and so can we!

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