Reflection: Connection to Prior Knowledge What to do when a bear visits.... - Section 3: Stations! Day 1


I was sure the weight station would give the kids troubles.  We had only just begun our unit in math on double digit regrouping and this activity at this station required the children to be able to accomplish this.  The children who were able to do this higher level math did not have any problems with this.  However, they still needed to be shown how to even arrive at subtracting their weight from that of the bear's.  During my wandering time, I found myself at this station more often than any other.  

Even though the math was still in a new phase for my students, it was really good for them to see the connection that a scientist would need to be able to apply this skill (SP 5).  I viewed this a real learning opportunity for my kiddos. 

  Connection to Prior Knowledge: Higher Level Math
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What to do when a bear visits....

Unit 4: Unit 4- The Alpine Mountain Environment
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Objective: SWBAT use scientific questions to guide their observations to draw conclusions.

Big Idea: Teaching about big ideas that are far removed from the classroom environment can make it difficult to bring science to life. Real world artifacts can change the whole outlook of this.

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Science, Mountains, bears
  110 minutes
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