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Each team will work with one of the artifacts gathering all the data they can and when the time is up, they will move on. This is not a new concept to my children. They are very accustomed to working this way.  It is a very efficient use of time and materials when you do not have enough of either to go around.  It does require some groundwork to establish the expectations for work habits, behavior and team building before you take this type of setting on.  

Because I use rotations often in other areas of my day, my expectations have been established and the students are very aware of them.  It can be advantageous if you establish this routine early on in the school year.  

  Workshop Rotation
  Station Rotation: Workshop Rotation
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What to do when a bear visits....

Unit 4: Unit 4- The Alpine Mountain Environment
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Objective: SWBAT use scientific questions to guide their observations to draw conclusions.

Big Idea: Teaching about big ideas that are far removed from the classroom environment can make it difficult to bring science to life. Real world artifacts can change the whole outlook of this.

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Science, Mountains, bears
  110 minutes
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