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Having students in my classroom that do not have verbal skills can be tricky when doing a partner share.  Since I have partner shares often, I create my seating charts strategically so that they student (s) that are sitting near my nonverbal students are able to work with those students.  I try to put my most outgoing and talkative students near them so that they are good models. There are paraprofessional that are with these students that are able to help facilitate the conversations.  Often times, the paraprofessional will model the talking for the student or use sign language. 

I also do not only pair these students with only one other student.  It is always a three partner group.  That gives the verbal students a chance to converse and model for the nonverbal student.

  Students with Disabilities: Sharing
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Human Body Performance Based Assessment

Unit 2: My Body
Lesson 8 of 8

Objective: Students will create a model of the human body including the major organs and systems that we have learned in the unit.

Big Idea: Students will show that they know the major organs and systems of the human body.

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