Reflection: Developing a Conceptual Understanding Bears of the Pacific Northwest - Section 2: Engage


 This is a big part of the CCSS ELA standards.  I want to utilize some the structure of a Close Read with this text. The children are becoming more and more familiar with this process because of reading practices. It makes sense to cross this learning over to our science learning as well.  So I read the text one time through. I patterned the text after the Bill Martin Jr. book Brown Bear, Brown Bear. Having predictable text helps the children to later remember the scientific information that is embedded with the text itself.  It also helps my ELL students to work on incorporating language in a fun and repetitive way.  

As I am reading it through, the children are enjoying the language, and visuals that are incorporated within the text.  Many of the children even begin to chime in with the reading.  The text is not written at a high level in lexile, but is written with many scientific words and even video clips to provide practice with the listening and processing piece of language.  

  Brown Bear, Brown Bear What Do You Know?
  Developing a Conceptual Understanding: Brown Bear, Brown Bear What Do You Know?
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Bears of the Pacific Northwest

Unit 4: Unit 4- The Alpine Mountain Environment
Lesson 8 of 9

Objective: SWBAT gather information from grade level text and share that information in a scientific format.

Big Idea: Knowing what is important information and relevant to research is not always an easy task. Once that information is gathered, how do you share it with other scientists? This lesson practices both of these skills.

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Science, Mountains, bears
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