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The problems in this lesson have many steps, which must be completed in a specific order.  I tend to use a lot of cold call in this and the next lesson.  Cold calling serves a number of purposes:  

  • it's engaging for students (I use popscicle sticks to pull names, so that students know it is random and they're eager to hear which name I call next)
  • it holds students accountable (everyone has to have their brains 'on' and be ready to potentially answer the next step of the problem)
  • it serves as a quick check for understanding (I get to hear from many voices, and can see if/where there are any misconceptions before students start to work with less support from me)

  Cold Calling
  Accountability: Cold Calling
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Order of Operations

Unit 7: Expressions
Lesson 1 of 12

Objective: SWBAT write and evaluate numerical expressions involving whole numbers with whole-number exponents following the Order of Operations.

Big Idea: When evaluating expressions, mathematicians all over the world use the same order of operations to get to the answer.

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Math, order of operations, Exponents, Expressions (Algebra), expressions, expression, order of operations (exponents), base, evaluate expressions, evaluate
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