Reflection: Adjustments to Practice This Candy is Not What it Seems - Section 4: Day One - Setting Up Our Work


I had brought in my small kitchen scale for the children to weigh their gummy bears. It is an electronic scale that weighs objects in ounces.  It is easy to use and the children love the "gadget" side of the scale.  Unfortunately, we hit one big snag.....the batteries had died.  

No kidding, when I checked them the evening worked, but when I brought it to school...nothing.  I quickly had to improvise and come up with a backup plan.  I knew my students were skilled at using a balance scale and they were easy to access.  I asked the team leaders from each table team to come and help and they took a scale to each of their tables and our work continued.  

The lesson here was to make sure you always have a back up plan....just in case.   

  When your materials do not cooperate....
  Adjustments to Practice: When your materials do not cooperate....
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This Candy is Not What it Seems

Unit 4: Unit 4- The Alpine Mountain Environment
Lesson 7 of 9

Objective: SWBAT conduct an investigation using gummy bears to explore physical changes.

Big Idea: This lesson works through the investigative process with a common candy, gummy bears. It offers children the opportunity to begin with a question and work it through to draw a conclusion.

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Science, Mountains, bears
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