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I feel one of the main goals of the new standards is to bridge the gap between the disciplines.  We should try to bridge the disciplines, such as science, writing and communicating, when we have a great opportunity.  I feel that subjects should not be pigeon-holed into a separate sections of the school day. The integration of the subjects makes the work and learning authentic to the children, which creates a great learning atmosphere.  

This lesson sets the stage for the entire unit.  The children are so enthralled with Simon Rodia's work that they become engaged in their learning.  I use this platform to have the children weave their learning all into one tapestry of many colors.  They will write a newspaper article about Rodia, which works on many writing standards.  Next they will read another book about the same account and compare the two.  They learn about the design process and how design influences function and other scientific concepts.  Throughout the unit, they monitor their thinking and learning to gauge what they have learned.

All of these threads of learning fit together like the cloth of a beautiful tapestry.


  A Tapestry of Learning
  Writing Across the Disciplines: A Tapestry of Learning
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The Wonderful Towers of Watts--Building Background Knowledge

Unit 5: Building Towers and the Engineering Design Process
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Objective: The SWBAT state that the shape of a structure and its design effects its stability.

Big Idea: The students will learn about a famous beautiful tower, which helps to build their background knowledge of towers and structures. They will also learn that a newspaper article contains important information.

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Science, Building Structures, informational text, background knowledge, second grade
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