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This was an interesting lesson for me to tackle.  I knew that I wanted to extend the concept of weather and connect it to the forms that they see on a daily basis.  It made sense to add in a lesson on climate and seasons.  The instruction part was easy to create.  I’ll admit that the independent practice section, however, was a struggle.  These are some pretty big concepts for Kindergarteners to comprehend.  Designing an activity that illustrated these big ideas was interesting.  I finally decided to highlight the earth’s rotation around the sun for a few reasons.  First, it is the basis of the seasons and greatly affects how climates vary around the world.  Next, it can be easily illustrated with a hands-on activity, which works to give students who learn well with visual activities a great learning opportunity.  Last, it is a fun activity that gives students a chance to cut, color, and work together.  Any time teachers can move away from a paper assessment and give the students an opportunity to access information using age appropriate collaboration; it’s a good day at the office.

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Describing Weather- Revolution #9- Earth's Revolution

Unit 6: What? Weather?
Lesson 3 of 8

Objective: Students will create a model to demonstrate the Earth's revolution around the Sun.

Big Idea: What makes a year?

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