Reflection: Modeling Adaptation Project - Section 4: Group Check-In


I continue to struggle with the idea of showing an exemplar or not. Showing an exemplar for this kind of project often has a stifling effect on some students’ work. Some students will try to emulate the exemplar, rather than completing the task as they would choose. They see this as an “A” project. However, some students get overwhelmed trying to put all the pieces together, and need some guidance.

You really need to know your students to decide, which would be most beneficial.

  To Show an Exemplar or Not? That is the Question
  Modeling: To Show an Exemplar or Not? That is the Question
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Adaptation Project

Unit 3: Adapt To Survive
Lesson 7 of 9

Objective: Students use the information they have learned about adaptations to cold and hot, to create their own adaptations to a chosen biome.

Big Idea: Students apply their knowledge of adaptations to create their own.

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Science, scientific drawing, adaptation
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