Reflection: Backwards Planning Types of Scientists/Engineers Assessment - Section 1: Performance Event: Student Selects Favorite Science Tool




It is a time consuming task to test each individual student for a performance event.  Because it takes time and I am not focused on all the students at one time, I must engage in backwards planning.  I have to have a meaningful task for the other students to engage in while I am assessing each individual student.  In the Common Core era, rigor is very important even during an assessment period.  In my district, the administration does not see the value in coloring so, the students are unofficially not allowed to color.  I happen to think that coloring associated with academic content is acceptable for kindergarten and in fact needful.  I utilized my centers - the writing center, computer center, silently reading center, and the Dolch Sight Word center.  Before the activities began, I told my students to find a partner.  I carefully observed who my students paired with.  I said I have "veto power" over any partnership.  After the student self-selected partners, I rearranged students with someone who would talk or play during this time.  I have three other items at my disposal.  I give students a post-it and they must write their concern on the post-it and I will read it when I come to a good stopping point.  They also have a computer tech who will address computer concerns and finally, I have a red sign that says do not disturb.  If a student gets up to talk with me, I simply hold up the sign.  As usual, the pointer finger held in the air is the sign for "May I go to the restroom, please."   

  Backwards Planning: Performance Events Take Time
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Types of Scientists/Engineers Assessment

Unit 3: Learning to Be an Engineer
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Objective: Students select their favorite type of scientist or engineer based on their fondness of that particular scientist/engineers' practices.

Big Idea: The contributions of scientists and engineers lead others to that career path.

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Science, Science Skills, performance based assessment, engineer, engineering
  45 minutes
this student is selecting the engineer s tool that she most fond
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