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I have come to discover that my students think what I think is important.  They really do follow our lead.  I tried to impart to my students my excitement about recycling.  I actually saw students begin to accept it as something that is important to them.  Using Youtube, I quickly showed them a landfill.  They were really amazed at how much trash people produce.  I simply said that an American cheese package produces or makes twice the trash because the cheese is individually wrapped and there is an outer wrapping as well.  I told my students that I could not think of another use for the plastic wrappers but, I did think of another use for the oatmeal containers.  Finally, one of my students asked me if I eat oatmeal every day.  No, I explained.  I told them that I use oatmeal on my skin when I take a bath.  I added that I blend the oatmeal into small pieces and the i pour it into the water.  They were amazed that I put oatmeal in my bath water.  But, they also ended the lesson with a desire to recycle.

  Recycling Requires Simple Planning
  Intrinsic Motivation: Recycling Requires Simple Planning
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Environmental Engineers

Unit 3: Learning to Be an Engineer
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Objective: Students will learn about recycling and share with their families how to recycle.

Big Idea: Environmental engineers address issues that help improve the quality of life for humans and the earth.

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